The Theme for This Years SCiM is know!

Drum role please. The theme for SCiM 2019 is »Challenges of young people in modern world«. With it we want to draw attention to some big issues that young people nowadays face and inform students how to tackle them. Students attending SCiM 2019 will have an opportunity to participate in one […]

SCIM 2019 announcement!

If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you might already saw that the date for SCiM 2019 is already set. This year the conference will last from 1st of July till 10th of July. You will be able to apply for SCiM from 1st of February on our website. Till […]

Accepted participants are known!

We just sent emails to all applicants, so check your inbox or our website to find out if you’ll be joining us in July! Once again, big thanks to all of you who applied and showed interest in our conference. As you know, we have received a lot of great […]

Final – fifth workshop revealed!

Learn to use Fablab – Create like a pro Do you still remember the days when owning a printer was a bit special and not everyone had it at home? Oh, but the times have changed, and today a printer is an everyday commodity. Technological progress is getting faster and […]

Fourth workshop revealed!

Take care of your health – Create good habits Since our hectic schedules often require us to sit behind computers for hours and eat unhealthy food, we tend to neglect our bodies. And that’s exactly what our workshop is trying to prevent! Our lecturers for this workshop are certified personal […]