This year’s theme: Creative present – Better future

When there is a lot of people around, standing out can be a real challenge. However, in a
world we know today, standing out may help you improve your academic, professional, and
personal skills, and achieve your goals. How? Be UNIQUE, be CREATIVE, and, most
importantly, be YOURSELF! By improving your creative skills, you can insure a better future
for yourself and the world around you. There are a lot of different options how your creativity
can help you reach better and brighter future, and on this year’s SCiM, we have prepared
five most interesting options of them all.




 Show your image – Create your personal brand

One of the advantages of digitalization in the 21 st century is the potential for growth and
development of personal knowledge, which helps us build our own career or enchain
reputation in the business world. We live in a world that requires us to be aware of how we
are presenting ourselves to others. It’s called a personal brand.

Personal brand defines us and illustrates the public picture of who we are, where we have
been, and where we are going. It’s our personal best and worst, and reflection of us and the
company we represent. We can either let our brand be presented as others see us, or we
can take charge and create our image and identity.

In this workshop, nothing will be left to chance. You will be able to realize the importance and
power of personal branding, and learn about examples of good practices in the field of
personal branding worldwide. We will prepare practical starting points for building your own
personal brand and your personal image. We will also pay special attention to the web, which
is nowadays increasingly important and indispensable for the construction and development
of a personal brand.

Who would have thought that this requires so much creativity?


Andraž Šiler is youth leader with more than 10 years of experiences on local, national and
international level. Among others, he was Board member of European Students Union, head
of International department of Slovenian Student Union and was serving as a Slovenian
Youth Delegate to the United Nations. Currently he is working as a Program Director of
Ypsilon Institute, one of most prominent Slovenian youth organizations aiming to support
young people personal development and to connect them with entrepreneurship and
business sector.

One of his passion is also non-formal education. He has more than 5 years of experiences
with workshops and other educational activities on national and international level. He is well
known by his professional, yet unique and relax approaches. He already cannot wait to see
you all in Maribor and to share some of its knowledge with you, young proactive people from
all over the world.


Live sustainably – Create from recyclables

There is plenty of facts on why recycling is important. The world population is growing, and
currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime. How
can we help? Recycling means making new products from the old products, which are no
longer usable, and it is one of the best ways for us to have a positive impact on the world in
which we live in.

In this workshop, we will ask ourselves, how will we survive in a world of limited resources.
First thing to know is that recycling begins with an individual. One easy solution for us is to
create new products from recycled materials, another way is to reuse old unused products.
On SCiM, you will learn both methods. First, we will have an open discussion about re-
usability, recycling, fair trade, role of the community, and how to be an active individual. After
the discussion, we will start with the practical part of the workshop. In the beginning, you will
create smaller practical products out of old clothes, wasted plastic, and recycled materials.
Following you will restore bigger products like chairs, tables, and furniture. You will learn
practical skills like how to use a grinder, how to paint, how to upholster and so on, and what
is most important, you will also nurture your creativity.

Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on the future and learn how to save
some money by reusing old things?


Workshop will be held by various professionals in the field from Youth Association Maribor.

Help the economy – Create a business

There are many career options for creative individuals, but none as freeing as
entrepreneurship. You can sell things from your own couch or rent that same couch to
others. You can build electric cars, maybe even send them into space. How about creating
your own electronics? Perhaps something to end procrastination?

By listening to what people want and giving them creative solutions, you can become an
entrepreneur. But there are many things to consider when starting a business. Where to get
a business idea? How to know if my idea is good? How to get funds for research,
development, and production? How to make a market research? The questions could go on
and on for a long time. Since being an entrepreneur is more sophisticated than ever before,
we need the whole workshop to go through the most important stages of creating your own

In the end, it will be only your decision if you want to keep working on your own company
after SCiM 2018 or not. But if by any chance some participants will offer cruise rides to Mars
in a few years, we sure would like a quick tour there.


Aljoša is a strategist, researcher, developer of innovative business models, mentor,
consultant, trainer, founder of integrated growth systems »Aljoša Huber – From ideas to
solutions.” He is an experienced entrepreneur in big and small companies, whose passion
and life mission is to improve the existing situation through counseling, mentoring and
assisting entrepreneurs in developing, starting up and improving products, teams, markets,
business processes and oneself. He is a Master of International Economics and a recipient
of high awards in the field of product, service and business innovation. 

Take care of your health – Create good habits

Since our hectic schedules often require us to sit behind computers for hours and eat
unhealthy food, we tend to neglect our bodies. And that’s exactly what our workshop is trying
to prevent!

Our lecturers for this workshop are certified personal trainers and nutritionists. During the five
lectures they will teach you all about taking care of your body – in theory as well as in

A lot of us don’t really know how or where to eat healthy. Due to our vivid lifestyles, we often
consume way more junk food than we are supposed to, which inevitably affects our bodies
and our overall mood in a bad way. Our lectures will teach you about healthy food, food
supplements, which ingredients does your body need to function, how to create the right
eating patterns, and you’ll also dive into the lies and myths about weight loss and muscle

They say the body of Greek Gods consists of the right diet and enough exercise, so our
trainers will teach you about muscle groups, how they work, how to build them, and how to
exercise correctly. Not only will you talk about exercising, you will also have one on one
coaching with licensed instructors, who will show you, how to correctly preform the exercises
in the gym as well as anywhere else. Our trainers are used to working with complete
beginners as well as professional athletes, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner
or a fitness junkie! At the end of the conference, you’ll be able to start working on your body
right then and there!


Katarina: “I have been interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle ever since. I remember when I came in student years and I didn’t know how to cook. My lifestyle completely collapsed, my energy dropped, I gained unhealthy weight. Then I realized that I had to change something. I thought in the short term, but when I started to live with this vital energy, I became obsessed and I no longer imagine my life not taking care of my mind, body and spirit.

As a student of tourism, I lived in Italy in Tuscany, in Lisbon in Portugal, and I love traveling as taking care of my personal growth, no matter what I do. At the moment I am a personal trainer and head of the sports center, I am a muay thai fighter and I am expanding knowledge in movement, yoga and body functionality. Where my life will lead me in the future, it depends on the way, people and interests.”


Learn to use Fablab – Create like a pro

Do you still remember the days when owning a printer was a bit special and not everyone
had it at home? Oh, but the times have changed, and today a printer is an everyday
commodity. Technological progress is getting faster and the accessibility to various devices
and machinery is easier every day. If we want to be up-to- date, we have to understand in
what stages current technology is, and, more importantly, we have to know how to use it.

FabLab stands short for fabrication laboratory – a concept that offers communities a place
where everyone has access to workshops with different tools and machinery, which can be
used for digital fabrication. The main aim is to encourage users to create and make almost

At SCiM, you will have a chance to work at a FabLab yourself and express your creativity
when, at the same time, you will learn how to use computer-controlled tools that will soon be
part of every household.

In the first part of the workshop, you will think about what you want to express, what makes
you different, and from that you will create your own design. Later, you will learn how to
digitalize your ideas. In the second part of the workshop, you will learn how to convey your
content for 3D printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting. With the help of the latter, you will be
able to create a personalized T-shirt. At the end, you will have three different manifestations
of your design and hopefully a lot of inspiration to make your ideas come to life in the future
as well.

Be creative! Be knowledgeable! Be a maker!


Katja has been a part of KreatorLab for the past 3 years. She knows how to handle machines
in the Lab, when they are "acting out". Katja is an educator, working both with adults and
children. She is creative and resourceful and will help solve your design problems.

Demonstration of new guidelines in the pedagogical practices

Jurij Cvitanič, professor of class teaching, elementary school Markovci, Slovenija

»I have participated with the National educational institute Slovenia, district unit Maribor, at various levels. I have worked with mag. Nada Nedeljko at the project called »Every Tuesday at school« which was based for the purposes of a project reading literacy. I have carried out 40 school lessons of performances. I have also performed a teaching walk at sport lesson under the guidance of a head of staff of National educational institute Slovenia mag. Vera Bevc for headmasters. I have carried out performance for 30 teachers from Maribor’s district. My personal view on the topic about guidelines in the pedagogical practices were presented  on the biggest Slovene congress for class teaching in Laško, taking place on 21st March until 22nd March 2018.

The abovementioned gave me the courage to respond to your invitation. I am honoured to share my experiences and I can present you my work about integrating methods of formative assessment into lessons and about other modern approaches in the Republic of Slovenia. As pedagogical students you will come across some challenges in the future based on the modern view of teaching.«