SCiM 2020 Workshops

Workshops for SCiM 2020 have not been announced yet. Below you can take a look at what kind of workshops we had last year.


Challenge your work-life balance

Janja Tomaž in Nuša Gašparac; Department of Psychology, Faculty of  Arts, University of Maribor

Nuša: I am a psychology student with a lot of different interests. I used to do voluntary work with children and refugees; I was mostly helping them with study issues and teaching them the Slovene language. In my free time, I love to travel, visit solo singing and yoga lessons, hangi out with friends etc. I also love animals, especially dogs, good food and new experiences, such as SCiM.

Janja: My name is Janja, I’m 24 years old and I’m a psychology student. My interests in psychology are really different and because of that, I was also a volunteer throughout my years as a student. I mostly worked with autistic children and children with mental and developmental disorders. In my free time, you can find me somewhere in nature reading a good book, hanging out with friends or eating good food. I also love my job – being a babysitter.

Series of workshops on the topic Work-life balance through job demands and resources will start with the first workshop where the problem and job demands will be presented, where we can include work tasks, roles, work environment, nonconstructive communication and mobing. The second workshop will focus on job resources, where we will talk about different types of resources, the importance of effective communication within the work-team, a favourable working climate and good relationships among employees, as well as challenges in management positions and qualities that make a good manager. On our third workshop, we will get to the point and will talk about the definition of work-life conflict, work-life enrichment and strategies that reduce conflicts and increase enrichment. The fourth workshop will present the importance of setting boundaries between work and private life, types of boundaries and the importance of personal preferences, as well as the factors that regulate work and private life. At the last workshop, we will discuss the consequences of regulating work and private life, which can be so positive (work satisfaction, commitment) as well as negative (burnout).

Challenge your stressful surroundings

Viktorija Majger;
Department of Psychology, Faculty of  Arts, University of Maribor

I am a master’s student of psychology interested in exploring and learning about the psychological and biological aspects of human behaviour. In my spare time, I’m hiking and relaxing in the nature with my dog and friends.  I am also a fan of theatre, movies, meeting new people,  learning new languages and sharing a good cup of tea.

These workshops contain different techniques and activities for everyday stress prevention and reduction. Throughout five workshops you will learn about stress physiology, emotions and their involvement in stress and stress impact on mental health. In addition, you will learn more about yourself, others, and be better equipped for future challenges.

Challenge your emotional intelligence

Iva Štukelj in Polonca Borko;
Department of Psychology, Faculty of  Arts, University of Maribor

Iva is s 22-year-old Master’s psychology student, at the University of Maribor, who is interested in various fields of psychology, such as psychometry, health psychology, emotions, motivation, addictive behaviour etc. She dedicates a fair amount of her free time to drawing and sports. She also enjoys dancing. If Polonca had to describe her in three words, she would say Iva is kooky (a little bit crazy but in a fun way), trustworthy and resourceful.

Polonca is a 22-year-old Master’s psychology student, at the University of Maribor. Her study interests are interpersonal relationships, quality of life, neuropsychology and stress coping strategies. She loves to travel and learn about local customs when she is abroad. Polonca feels most at ease when she is surrounded by nature and in her free time, she really likes to hike, do yoga and paint. Using three words Iva would describe her as kind-hearted, adventurous and the best “hype-man”.

An increasing number of working positions include working with people and to be successful, a job often requires emotion management. The aim of this workshop cycle is to strengthen our ability to recognize our emotions and emotions of others, to express and also to manage emotions. During the workshops, it is also expected that we will create some sort of promotional material (e.g. video, leaflet …) that will be used to further spread our new knowledge. With teamwork during interactive workshops, we will surely also make some new acquaintances and hopefully some new long-lasting friendships.

Challenge your career development

Valentina Čufar;
Department of Psychology, Faculty of  Arts, University of Maribor

Valentina is a positive and energetic psychology student with experiences as a researcher, workshop lecturer, HR assistant and project manager. Has a strongly developed interest in the well-being and mental health, especially in the orkplace environment. Currently working on master thesis with a focus in proactive career development and job crafting.

This workshop mainly focuses on the students’ early career planning and its connection with employability. The workshop is based on (pro)active approach, meaning what we can do by ourselves to improve our career opportunities (from finding the right opportunities for working on our career competencies). Proactive activities and study/job crafting are methods, by which we can stand out of the average and take care of our working future. Using this perspective, you can redesign your study/job to better fit you, which might ensure you a better working future, better study experience and even increase your satisfaction with your career.

Challenge your circus spirit

Nastja Fekonja; Department of Geography and department os Pedagogy, Faculty of  Arts, University of Maribor

I am a master student of pedagogical geography and pedagogy with a lot of different passions. I love travelling, taking photos, being in the nature, making surprises, volunteering, blogging, but my greatest passion is circus pedagogy. I simply adore everything what is connected to it that means implement workshops, performing with »normal« and fire circus props. I always challenge myself to go out of my comfort zone because only in this way it can happen the best stories to tell.

In these workshops, you will learn about circus props such as poi, levistick, Chinese plates, learn about balloon modelling, how to make your own juggle balls, learn about basics of juggling, and also plan and implement circus group performance. All together will be supported by different evaluation methods.

Challenge your knowledge of health

Vid Delopst in Teja Marhold, Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor

Teja is a 5th-year medical student.  She is a people-person. She loves meeting new people and learning about their lives. She can almost always find common ground with strangers. She is also dedicated to personal growth and development. In her free time, she plays the piano and relaxes by watching TV and listening to music.
Vid is a 4th-year medical student. He is easy-going and passionate about his work. He likes to explore alternative solutions to problems and has an open mind about what will work best. His creativity has made him an effective team leader because he can anticipate problems and innovate solutions. In his free time, he likes gardening and aquaristics. He loves music and is a front man in a band he formed with his friends from faculty.

In the frame of the workshop participants will learn about age-related diseases and how they affect our society and individuals. They will discuss eating disorders and new forms of addiction, two major problems that occur among young people and define their effect on the human body. They will acquire knowledge about breast cancer and testicular cancer and with the help of realistic models learn proper techniques for early detection. Participants will also learn steps for proper action in the most common emergency situations and repeat resuscitation and immobilization techniques.