Start with YOUr time – Work and study smart (not hard)


This “Time Hacking” workshop is designed to help ambitious students, successful young entrepreneurs and first job seekers use their time smarter and more direct. Workshop leads you through a 4 step process (called FACT, based on unique time formula), which helps you identify and harness hours of lost time during the study, at your first job and on the home front.

Hacking time means using your time smarter. You will learn this new habbit and four core elements of the inner game of time. These four elements are absolutely essential to get you more focused and consistent with the activities you do. If you lack just one of them you are step away from managing your time smarter. You will be able to find out your motivation and grow your self confidence. You will learn the secret of controlling your time. Time is your choice, so use it wisely! 


About the lecturer


Uroš Ferlin is one of the most recognized slovenian smart time management experts, entreprenour and speaker. He works with ambitious students, successfull enterprenours and leaders. He has a reputation for helping clients find 1 hour of lost time per day. He invented life changing time formula called FACT. In 2016 his training Time Hacking for corporates has become one of the most effectve training on time management in Slovenia, recognized by national Competence Centers, and NetPRO conference. 




Start with YOUr LEADERSHIP – Think and decide, so others can follow


Business Leadership program is intended for all who want to skill and improve their knowledge on leadership that takes place in company, business team, NGO or public organisation. Business Leadership program focus on personality growth, hence students train on leadership personality traits. The aim of the course is equipment for responsible and balanced decision-making.
Course’s content is virtuous leadership model, where the key question is how to be just and prudent leader within business setting. The value of this model is well-balanced character equipped for flourishing collaboration. In this course, we train character which people follow because they want to.
Business Leadership course is combination of lectures and workshops. Main attention is paid to practice and case examples, which participants critically and actively inquire. We take narrative approach by which students reflect on their leadership character and decision-making. The course is interactive and inclusive. We build on dialogue through which students explore who they are, what leaders they want to become and explore how to get there.


About the lecturer


Business Leadership program is conducted by Kaja Kosec a professional on Virtuous Leadership.
Kaja is an entrepreneur and runs Za dialog, where she educates and trains entrepreneurs and managers in virtuous leadership and coaches them for responsible decision-making. Moreover, she is a project manager of Erasmus+ program, where she trains youth in business ethics and leadership.





Start with YOUr INNER SELF – Educate your mind and heart


Are your stress levels just too much for you? Acquire the skills of recognising stress symptoms and learn how to cope with stressful situations through an interactive process. At this workshop you will learn how to develop your own time management skills and will experience some of the most common relaxation techniques. The methods used in this workshop are all psychologically approved.

What is emotional regulation and why is it so important in your everyday life? This workshop will teach you all this and more. Through working in groups you will learn about functional control of your emotions in stressful situations, which will help you minimize conflicts with people around you. You will also acquire skills in resolving problems connected to your emotions.

Are you able to stand up for yourself and not take the backseat in your decision making process? Can you respect others and yourself even in critical situations and conflicts? This workshop will offer you assertiveness and will help you improve your communication skills. With this you will be able to resolve your everyday obstacles easier and with more self confidence. It may also help you to achieve healthy relationships with people around you.

There is no I in TEAM, or is there? Everybody in a team has a role which is important. This workshop is meant to help you recognize the roles of each and everyone in a team and help you build better and more connected teams. We will achieve this through practical exercises and with a little help of the communication skills you will have already acquired by the end of previous workshop.

This workshop will focus on making you more mindful. Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body approach that helps people relate effectively to their experiences. It involves paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a way that can increase our awareness and help us manage difficult experiences. Reduce your stress levels even more than you already did so far and learn how to be in the moment – “here and now”.


 About lecturers


Anja Kragolnik is a MA student of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at University in Maribor. Right now she is focused on helping people learn how to reduce stress through workshops. She is also a part of the group which tries to raise awareness about postpartum depression. In 2016 she was a member of the Kako si? Maribor team that focuses on people’s mental health. In 2017 she will be the coordinator of previously mentioned team.





Nina Kozinc is a MA student of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at University in Maribor. She is a certified medical hypnosis therapist. She is working on helping people learn how to reduce stress through workshops alongside Meta and Anja. She is also a part of the group which tries to raise awareness about postpartum depression. In 2016 she was a member of the Kako si? Maribor team that focuses on people’s mental health. She is a journalist at Psihološki inkubator.




Meta Lavrič is a MA student of Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at University in Maribor. Besides focusing on helping people how to reduce stress in everyday lives she is also focused on raising awareness about love and safe sexual relations amongst kids and teens in Slovenia. In 2016 she was recognized as a noteworthy researcher amongst the students of her faculty. She is a journalist at Psihološki inkubator.






Start with YOUr RHETORICS – Master rhetorics and influence the minds

The best way to start a presentation is to do something that will get attention. Sharing stories and using tools for a better presentation is another great way to get better results. Speaking from your heart, without using notes, is even better. Whether your audience will remember you or not is always up to you, your great vibe and your preparation. You will learn how to become an effective communicator and speaker and leave your print in the minds of your listeners.You will use the most advanced techniques for public speaking and training. With 15 hours of practice and work you will be able to experience every emotion that goes through your mind and body when you will have to do it for real. That is why we will prepare you for the real world, not just tell you theory.
If you want to know how to structure your speech or what your body language looks like, come to this workshop and we will help you through stage fright.What will you learn? You will get in depth practice of public speaking in English from how to stand in front of the public, to the smallest details as of how to build a story or when to have pauses.

About the lecturer


Nina Dušić Hren is a psychologist, soft skills trainer and CEO at Dober stik – an organization aimed at helping speakers prepare their conference speeches and teaching public speaking with emphasis on practical exercises. Participants love her energetic, enthusiastic and authentic approach and well prepared workshops. She is known for taking every little detail into account and enjoys her work so much that she will make anybody feel encouraged to speak in public!




Start with YOUr FINANCE – Handle your money like a pro

Are you frequently finding yourself without money? Do you find it hard to keep track of your spending? This workshop will teach you how you can invest like a pro, handle your savings, always have a rainy-day fund and live a life with little or no debt. And It will show it to you in a way that doesn’t require prior knowledge and is so simple that children can do it. And most importantly, it works!This workshop will guide you through 5 simple steps that will get your money in order. It was developed with needs of youth in mind and is based on student experience. It will help you develop smart financial habits, whether you are broke or have money at your disposal.


About the lecturer


Now, he is one of the most successful slovenian insurance experts, entrepreneur and a soft skills trainer. He acquired extensive knowledge about investments and savings druing his 11 years in the finance business, working with the largest Europen insurance companies. He specialises in spreading this knowledge in a way that can be apllied in everyday life, by everyday people.Marko Ferlin spent most of his youth years figuring out how to overcome general money problems.