Welcome party

As it is common, on first day, we’re preparing traditional welcome party. The main purpose of the party is for participants to get to know each other, to play a couple rounds of welcome games, and to make first contact with people, whom they’ll be spending the next ten days with.


International dinner

International dinner is one of the most special parties at SCiM. Participants bring food, drinks, and traditional clothes that are specific for their countries and try out cuisine from other participants. It’s an international exchange of knowledge about cultural heritage, with lots and lots of fun.


Piramida hill hike

On a third day, we’ll take a break from partying and take a walk with torches on Piramida hill above Maribor. The hike is pleasant and the view is absolutely magnificent. Plenty of opportunities for that panorama selfie you always wanted.


Glow party

Glow party will take place in the most famous student club in Maribor – ŠTUK. Lots of UV lighting, lots of haze and amazing dance music. You’ll all be getting white T-shirts, so you’ll be able to decorate them at your will with glow-in-the-dark markers.


Festival Lent night

After the excursion, we’ll have a day off, so we’ll be able to witness closing ceremony of Lent festival with its spectacular fireworks show.


Hawaiian party

And the day after that, hardly expected Hawaiian party is finally here. Barmen will prepare special cocktails, there will be dancing on the sand, and traditional beach games.


Pancake and trivia night

After so many parties, we’ll deserve to take a day off. We’ll spend it making pancakes and competing in trivia night for amazing prizes and some serious bragging rights.


Gala night

Final night, the grand finale, the glamorous gala night! Make sure you bring your finest suits, because we’ll have dinner in one of Maribor’s finest restaurants, and for the one last blowout, we’ll party until the morning hours in the restaurant’s club.