SCiM 2022 Workshops

“CREATE A BETTER YOU” is this year’s SCiM theme. You can find out more about the workshops on the following link.

SCiM 2022 date reveal!

The big happy news we’ve all been waiting for: Drum roll, please! SCiM 2022 is happening and it will take place from JULY 4th to JULY 13th 2022.

SCiM 2020 is cancelled

Dear SCiMers! In recent weeks we were faced with the coronavirus epidemic. All public institutions are on lockdown, as well as schools and other facilities to stop the spread and pass the epidemic. In the meantime, we canceled our projects for domestic international students. With this in mind, we have […]

Here are SCiM 2020 workshops!

MASTER YOUR LEADERSHIP Do you want to become a leader? Do you know the skills and competences you need to have as a good leader? The first workshop we present you is a workshop “Master your leadership”. In this workshop you will learn the importance of verbal communication, body messaging […]

SCiM 2020 theme is…

… drum roll, please. The theme for SCiM 2020 is »Master your skills, transform your life«. To keep up with what is going on and what will be happening you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for further information!