First workshop revealed!

Show your image – Create your personal brand

One of the advantages of digitalization in the 21 st century is the potential for growth and
development of personal knowledge, which helps us build our own career or enchain
reputation in the business world. We live in a world that requires us to be aware of how we
are presenting ourselves to others. It’s called a personal brand.

Personal brand defines us and illustrates the public picture of who we are, where we have
been, and where we are going. It’s our personal best and worst, and reflection of us and the
company we represent. We can either let our brand be presented as others see us, or we
can take charge and create our image and identity.

In this workshop, nothing will be left to chance. You will be able to realize the importance and
power of personal branding, and learn about examples of good practices in the field of
personal branding worldwide. We will prepare practical starting points for building your own
personal brand and your personal image. We will also pay special attention to the web, which
is nowadays increasingly important and indispensable for the construction and development
of a personal brand.

Who would have thought that this requires so much creativity?