First workshop revealed

As we promised, we started revealing the workshops

Do you often have a feeling that your day doesn’t have enough hours to get all your work done? Maybe you don’t know how to manage your time properly. One of the workshops you can attend at #SCiM2017 will be about time management, so you can learn how to effectively manage your time.


Start with YOUr time – Work and study smart (not hard)

This “Time Hacking” workshop is designed to help ambitious students, successful young entrepreneurs and first job seekers use their time smarter and more direct. Workshop leads you through a 4 step process (called FACT, based on unique time formula), which helps you identify and harness hours of lost time during the study, at your first job and on the home front.

Hacking time means using your time smarter. You will learn this new habbit and four core elements of the inner game of time. These four elements are absolutely essential to get you more focused and consistent with the activities you do. If you lack just one of them you are step away from managing your time smarter. You will be able to find out your motivation and grow your self confidence. You will learn the secret of controlling your time. Time is your choice, so use it wisely!

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