Fourth workshop revealed

Today we will tell you what the fourth workshop is going to be about

Are you comfortable when it comes to public speaking? Do you know how to make a perfect presentation that will capture your audience’s attention? If you don’t have much experience and if you don’t want to feel like a fish out of water when it comes to situation like these, you should join our rhetorics workshop!


Start with YOUr RHETORICS – Master rhetorics and influence the minds ??

The best way to start a presentation is to do something that will get attention. Sharing stories and using tools for a better presentation is another great way to get better results. Speaking from your heart, without using notes, is even better. Whether your audience will remember you or not is always up to you, your great vibe and your preparation. You will learn how to become an effective communicator and speaker and leave your print in the minds of your listeners.You will use the most advanced techniques for public speaking and training. With 15 hours of practice and work you will be able to experience every emotion that goes through your mind and body when you will have to do it for real. That is why we will prepare you for the real world, not just tell you theory.

If you want to know how to structure your speech or what your body language looks like, come to this workshop and we will help you through stage fright.

What will you learn? You will get in depth practice of public speaking in English from how to stand in front of the public, to the smallest details as of how to build a story or when to have pauses.

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Tomorrow we will reveal the last workshop and the application period begins in less than 2 days!