Here are SCiM 2020 workshops!


Do you want to become a leader? Do you know the skills and competences you need to have as a good leader? The first workshop we present you is a workshop “Master your leadership”.

In this workshop you will learn the importance of verbal communication, body messaging and the basics of public speaking. You will find out why group work conflicts are important and learn how to deal with them. Through five workshops you will discuss how to organize your time as a good leader, set goals and motivate different types of people around you. At the end of the workshop, you will learn about the different ways of leadership, their strengths and weaknesses, and find out which method is best for certain situations.


If group work taught you nothing but how much you don’t like to collaborate with people, then the next workshop is the right one for you.

Workshop Master the group dynamics will show you the importance of group dynamics – you will learn about group communication, different personality traits, cooperativeness and group emotions, improve your communication skills and learn how to work effectively in the workplace. Participants will gain knowledge about different roles in the group and their importance on the group. Together they will get to know different teamwork techniques and practice them during the workshop. You will also learn about constructive and non-constructive conflict resolution in a group.


If you want to sell anything, you have to sell yourself first, right?

In the workshop Master your marketing skills you will get to know yourself, discover your strengths, weaknesses, your potentials and fears. You will learn how to set priorities and goals that are important for communication and marketing. After knowing yourself, you will turn your attention to the outside world. You will learn how to recognize particularities of each individual, how to properly inform them with the right amount of information, how to establish a good atmosphere and successfully prepare for the interview. You will discuss about the power of words and how to use them to get listeners’ attention. You will also pay attention to non-verbal communication and learn more about the use of facial expressions, gestures, posture and body orientation, space and distance.


This workshop will gain basic knowledge and tricks with some circus props, such as poi, Chinese plates, floating stick, flower stick and rola-bola. You will learn about balloon modelling and try to create different figures. Through the workshop participants will analyse and evaluate their own progress, learn the importance of communication and collaboration and create a final circus performance for all participants at SCiM 2020.


The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person, so the next workshop we present you is a workshop Master your health.

Here you will discuss about all main topics in health nowadays. You will discuss how do vaccines change our lives; how did they develop, what kind of functions they have, vaccine myths and truths. You will touch on the topic of drugs and how they affect the human body, what is the addiction, where is the border between normal experimentation and addictions and what are the signs of poisoning and recommendations for action. You will also learn how to help injured or an unconscious person, what are the basics resuscitation procedures and refresh first aid knowledge. Finally, you will speak about breast cancer and testicular cancer; how they can be detected, the importance of genetic testing and self-examination and the impact of early disease detection on prognosis. 


Do you want to achieve your goals, but your obstacles don’t let you? Well, not this time!

Attending this workshop, you will take a closer look at fear and shame and discuss different techniques of how to deal with both in a constructive way. Participants will be introduced to the concepts of growth and fixed mindset and learn how individuals with different types of mindset respond differently to negative events. To achieve your goals, you also need to learn how to increase your motivation, which you will learn through recognizing your values and life meaning. You will also look at some other techniques and methods that increase willpower and motivation and reduce the likelihood of procrastination. In addition, you will learn how to define goals and how to track your progress to ensure success!