History of SCiM

The history of the Student Conference in Maribor reaches back to 1996, under a different name at that time. A few years later it got the new name and image as it has today.
Every year, there are approximately 25 different countries presented from all over the world, which gives SCiM an international and intercultural touch. Besides, the themes, which are every year a common thread, are always tied to the European Year. For example, in 2008, when SCiM celebrated its 10th anniversary, theoretical and practical workshops were based on intercultural dialogue. That year we expanded our cooperation and became partial co-organizer and a performer of workshops Youth Cultural Centre Maribor.
In 2009 we looked for creativity and innovations for there were only creative workshops. On the other hand, we found out that participants still wanted debates and lectures on topical issues. For this reason, we decided to reintroduce theoretical parts: there were 6 of them, connected to the subject matter of poverty and social exclusion. These themes were also related to current student issues, such as scholarships, youth employment, student work, poverty among youth, youth and politics.
During the same year, we also began with a charity auction, based on products made by participants in creative workshops, which was held in a restaurant Rožmarin (Rosemary). In 2010 we moved it to a renewed cinema Udarnik, and in both times we gave the money to the Solidarity Fund – a foundation set to help young people.