Second workshop revealed!

Live sustainably – Create from recycables!

There is plenty of facts on why recycling is important. The world population is growing, and
currently each human being adds significant waste to the planet over his or her lifetime. How
can we help? Recycling means making new products from the old products, which are no
longer usable, and it is one of the best ways for us to have a positive impact on the world in
which we live in.

In this workshop, we will ask ourselves, how will we survive in a world of limited resources.
First thing to know is that recycling begins with an individual. One easy solution for us is to
create new products from recycled materials, another way is to reuse old unused products.
On SCiM, you will learn both methods. First, we will have an open discussion about re-
usability, recycling, fair trade, role of the community, and how to be an active individual. After
the discussion, we will start with the practical part of the workshop. In the beginning, you will
create smaller practical products out of old clothes, wasted plastic, and recycled materials.
Following you will restore bigger products like chairs, tables, and furniture. You will learn
practical skills like how to use a grinder, how to paint, how to upholster and so on, and what
is most important, you will also nurture your creativity.

Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to make a positive impact on the future and learn how to save
some money by reusing old things?