Second workshop revealed

Do you know how to make right decisions? Would you like to learn who you are and how to become a great leader? One of the workshops will help you get what it takes to become one.

Start with YOUr LEADERSHIP – Think and decide, so others can follow

Business Leadership program is intended for all who want to skill and improve their knowledge on leadership that takes place in company, business team, NGO or public organisation. Business Leadership program focus on personality growth, hence students train on leadership personality traits. The aim of the course is equipment for responsible and balanced decision-making.
Course’s content is virtuous leadership model, where the key question is how to be just and prudent leader within business setting. The value of this model is well-balanced character equipped for flourishing collaboration. In this course, we train character which people follow because they want to.
Business Leadership course is combination of lectures and workshops. Main attention is paid to practice and case examples, which participants critically and actively inquire. We take narrative approach by which students reflect on their leadership character and decision-making. The course is interactive and inclusive. We build on dialogue through which students explore who they are, what leaders they want to become and explore how to get there.
And don’t forget, applications open on March 6th! 🙂