Third workshop revealed!

Help the economy – Create a business!

There are many career options for creative individuals, but none as freeing as
entrepreneurship. You can sell things from your own couch or rent that same couch to
others. You can build electric cars, maybe even send them into space. How about creating
your own electronics? Perhaps something to end procrastination?

By listening to what people want and giving them creative solutions, you can become an
entrepreneur. But there are many things to consider when starting a business. Where to get
a business idea? How to know if my idea is good? How to get funds for research,
development, and production? How to make a market research? The questions could go on
and on for a long time. Since being an entrepreneur is more sophisticated than ever before,
we need the whole workshop to go through the most important stages of creating your own

In the end, it will be only your decision if you want to keep working on your own company
after SCiM 2018 or not. But if by any chance some participants will offer cruise rides to Mars
in a few years, we sure would like a quick tour there.